How Should a Good Advertisement Be?

How Should a Good Advertisement Be?

It would not be wrong to define the world today in the 21st century virtually as a “consumption society”. In our world, where the level of income has increased and women increasingly participate in the labour force turning it into a “small village” with globalization, consumption has gone beyond a need and turned into a craze.

This being the case in today’s world, the companies have given priority to advertisement in order to market their products and services, increase their sales and attain a respectable place in the market.

What is advertisement?

In general terms, advertisement is the promotion of a product or service through various channels at a certain price.

How to advertise?

With the development of the technology, the channels used for advertisement also varied and the television, newspapers, radio, billboards, magazines, cinema and the internet have become the major channels used for advertising.

What is an advertising agency?

Advertising agencies are institutions that are recently usually preferred in order to transmit the brands, products and services of the companies to wide masses with various designs. It is the heart of the advertising industry.

How do Advertising Agencies Work?

The main goal of advertising agencies is to attract the attention of the consumers to the advertised product or service. Thus, they find the most striking, most attention-grabbing and most beneficial feature of the product or service that is the subject of the advertisement and draw attention to this point. This feature determines the basis of the design. The advertising agency is a kind of intermediary firm between the producer and the consumer; it ensures the communication between the two parties.

What are the Objectives of Advertising Agencies?

Advertising agencies ensure the consumer recognition of the product or services desired to be sold, brand recognition, and thus increase the sales of the advertised product or service, increase the share of the company in the market and increase the competitive power of the product or service of the company in the market. It contributes to the mutual awareness and needs of the producer and consumer.

What is expected from an Advertising Agency?

The expectation of the company from the advertising agency that it gives advertisement is to correctly determine the expectation of the society from the company that gives advertisement, and fulfil this expectation in line with the objectives of the company. If the agency fails to correctly determine the expectation of the society and fulfil this expectation with the objectives of the company, it cannot be successful.

How Should a Good Advertisement Be?

A good advertisement is the one of which main theme is well-defined, that can use the budget allocated for the advertisement effectively and create the most effective, most attention-grabbing and most striking design with the channels that best suit this budget. A face adored by the society, an effective music or picture, an animation, voice or effects that suit the concept can be used to this end. This is what is expected from a good advertisement in order to change the demands of the society in favour of the company’s goals.

Today, companies generally prefer to use “a recognized and loved personality” in the advertisements in order to increase the interest in their products or services.

What are the Benefits of the Advertisements?

Contrary to popular belief, advertisements do not provide benefits only to the companies. Advertisements, which are known to increase the interest in and demand for companies’ products, lead to visible increases in the sales, contribute greatly to the branding of a product or service, also provide benefits to the consumers. For, it enables the consumer to become informed of the advertised product or service, get to know the product and make an informed purchase. It enables the consumers to increase their life standards and determine the product or service that best suits them.

As is seen, the competition among the companies in recent years has also increased the demand for the advertising agencies and attached considerable importance to these agencies. And the increase in the demand for the products of the companies working with advertising agencies is proved with the researches and surveys conducted.

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