Key Points of Logo Design

Key Points of Logo Design

We can list different items to take into consideration during logo design stage ad below;

  • Do not use more than three colours and Leave out everything unnecessary.
  • Do not mind the opinions of the people who are closest to you about the logo, but make sure that it is liked by three people at the same time.
  • Do not claim to have created an original work by collecting pieces from the logos recognized by almost everyone.
  • The character you choose must have a standard and even an old person should be able to read it
  • The logo design should be perceivable by the person who looks at it
  • The logo design should also be unique
  • Never use clipart.
  • Make sure that your logo design looks well in black and white as well.
  • Make sure that the logo design can be perceived when reversed or its dimensions change as well.
  • Current logo design trends should not determine your line; on the contrary, that you design a logo that can be used all the time will serve you in terms of recognition.
  • Do not use special effects in logo design (for example; shadow, reflection, etc.)
  • If possible, fit the logo design in a square.
  • Avoid making complex and detailed works.
  • Design the logo taking into consideration where it can be used.
  • Use bold and reliable lines rather than pale and fine lines.
  • It is good to be perfectionist, but do not strain yourself for the most perfect.
  • Use sharp lines for sharp works, and smoother lines for smooth works.
  • Your logo design must show its connection with whichever sector it is in.
  • No picture makes a logo; never forget this.
  • Do not use more than two text fonts.
  • It should possible to align all parts of your logo design on the left, right, in the centre, at the top or bottom.
  • The logo design should appear as one piece.
  • Imagine which group will view it before considering the logo design.
  • Although innovation is good, it is also risky; thus, choose functionality rather than innovativeness in all of your works.
  • If the brand name of the logo you are designing is catchy, then the logo should be the brand name.
  • Even the largest companies need small logos and apply for help in this.
  • Everyone should like the logo design, not only the brand to use it.
  • That you try the logo you design in different shapes will bring you even closer to the best.
  • Your design should be in harmony not only with colours but also with backgrounds.
  • Do not use tagline in the logo, and apply an easily-describable design.
  • Draw the logo design on paper before starting to draw it using several programs on the computer.
  • Avoid pale, dark, bright and neon colours.

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